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How To Measure Windows For Your New Blinds

The main benefit of blinds as opposed to curtains is to keep out the strong hot sun in the summer time and let in the warm sunshine in the colder seasons.

While providing beautiful accents to your windows and the room in general, window blinds also protect your furniture from being faded by strong sunlight. You can adjust them to allow light to filter into the room without allowing fading rays onto the furniture.

When ordering specialised custom blinds for the windows in your home, you will need to provide precise measurements to the company when you place your order. There are several important things to consider when measuring your windows for your new blinds. By taking special care to be precise and accurate, you will ensure the right measurements and therefore proper fitting blinds. Many custom made window blinds cannot be returned if they do not fit, so it is important that your measurements be right. Here are some important tips for ensuring your windows are measured properly:

•First, decide if your new window blinds will be inside mounted or outside mounted. Inside mounted blinds mean that the hardware will be recessed within the window opening. Outside mounted means the hardware for the blinds will be mounted on the wall outside of the window casing.

•Never assume the windows are the same size, even if they appear to be. Many windows vary just a bit here and there, enough to throw off the measurements and cause one-size-fits-all blinds not to fit.

•Use a steel measuring tape in measuring the windows. A cloth measuring tape cannot be depended upon when it comes to accuracy in measuring your windows.

•Record measurements as width x height. This is the industry standard for all window blinds and shades.

•Always, always double check your measurements to ensure accuracy. Many custom window blinds cannot be returned, so you want to be sure to get it right the first time.

•Measure window sizes to the nearest eighth of an inch.

•Never, ever measure existing blinds. Always measure the window frame, not the blinds.

If following these simple steps before purchasing your new blinds, you can be sure not to have any disappointment when fitting in the new piece of decor. Window blinds can match the room’s decor and provide a certain atmosphere while providing light control for different times of day and various activities. From living rooms and bedrooms to kitchens and family rooms, beautiful blinds with quality function are a great asset to any home.

Window blinds such as Velux blind provide your home with attractive decor and useful function. They can help you with temperature control by keeping out hot sunshine during the summer months while letting in warm sunshine during the colder months.By purchasing quality Velux blinds cheapest from a reputable dealer, you are investing in a premium product that will serve your home well.

Accent Tables for Your Home

While a coffee table can be a real treasured addition to your living room, end tables can be a bit of a bore. Often they are simply refashioned versions of the coffee table, which lose something in the translation.

But accent tables can really jazz up the room, taking the place of end tables and defining the corners of your sofa, love seat or even a couple of oversized occasional chairs, where an end table is often used as a makeshift table between them.

Accent tables look very different than traditional end tables. They can be highly decorative, making them terrific for anchoring the upholstered furnishings in the room. What’s more, accent tables come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you can select a table that is perfect for the space you have available.

For instance, some end tables just don’t scale well in a room, especially when you have a large sectional that dominates the landscape. Smaller accent tables can fill the bill perfectly, as you can get one that is thinner but no less useful.

One of the great things about accent tables is there are so many choices out there. You can purchase models that are very ornate, lovingly crafted with intricate inlays and scrolled edging. Or you can go with accent tables that are very modern and minimalist, fitting perfectly in with a contemporary sofa or modern sectional. If you really have a passion, you can show these off with these tables, too. There are accent tables that are themed to any number of pursuits, from wine and golf to fishing and travel.

If you’re a collector, think about getting a glass-topped display table. The drawer opens below it so you can add your collection of artifacts from your travels or seashells from your trip to the beach. You can even make little memory boxes of your favorite things from your children.

That’s one of the great things about accent tables, their versatility. But don’t think for a moment that they need to be reserved for the living room alone. You can add these tables to virtually any room in the home. Thanks to their small size and flexibility, you can add a table in any room that needs a real standout piece to accent the existing décor.

For instance, accent tables make a great substitute for a nightstand in a bedroom. Or you can add one to a corner of the room that needs a small lamp, such as right next to a chair where you like to read or watch TV.

You can also add a small table to your bathroom, placing guest towels on it instead of a towel rack. Add an antique washbasin and a pitcher filled with fresh flowers or potpourri to give the bathroom a fresh and fragrant look.

If space is at a premium but you still need table space for entertaining, consider purchasing nesting tables or stacking tables. These will store nicely out of the way (they’re basically a table within a table within a table) until you need them for a dinner party or during the holidays, when there always seems to be more food than space. They’re great for storing the holiday pies until dinner is through and it’s time for dessert.

Because there are so many models, styles, shapes and finishes available, you may want to start your hunt online for accent tables. Online retailers have a lot of selection and it’s a great place to shop, especially if you can find a retailer who offers free shipping. That’s a really convenient service for those of us who have very little free time on their hands to go from store to store, looking for the perfect table.

A Different Way to Look at Decorating Your Home and Then Some

One of the joys of interior decoration is the ability to take an ordinary-looking space and transform it into something beautiful. Unlike any other art form, interior design allows you to dwell inside your creation. This activity allows you to combine creativity and utility. Working with interior design in a sense is like service at a restaurant in that the experience is disastrous when it is not good, and almost unnoticeable when excellent. Although those who live in your home may not notice it, the effects of the work you have accomplished include feelings of security, satisfaction, and inspiration. Not everything you decorate has to be completely innovative: sometimes simply rearranging what is already there or replicating something you’ve seen before gives a wonderful touch to the area.

Creating Attractive Wreaths

A simple but beautiful way to decorate your porch is to add a wreath to your door. There are many ways to be creative when you make a wreath: the combinations of colors, shapes, and themes or styles lead to endless possibilities. You just need a foam ring and some silk flowers to get started. Take the flowers and cut off the stems about one inch from the calyx, or bottom of the flower. Then push the stems of each flower into the ring. As you are positioning the flowers, make sure that the foam is thoroughly covered; however, you do not want your flowers to look too crowded! Your wreath will last a very long time if you use a hot glue gun to add small amounts of glue where the base of the flower touches the ring. Adding leaves or vines to your wreath works well for extra decoration or for covering up bare spots. You can choose to create wreaths using one kind of flower in many colors, or one color using many flowers-or a combination. Finally, choose what part of the wreath you want on “top” and tie a string around that area so that you can hang it on the door.

Decorating with Greenery

One of the foundations of a properly decorated home is creating the right mood. This atmosphere is created by using a good blend of colors, styles, textures, and furniture pieces. When you are decorating with more natural tones and textures, greenery is an important element that helps unify and give life to the room. When adding greenery, make sure you know the size and positions of the areas you will utilize so that you choose pieces with complementary shapes and styles. Ensuring that you have one to two feet of space above the tree makes the room feel more spacious and airy. You will also want the branches to be able to fit naturally in the area. Plants come in many shapes and sizes – if you are planning on having a tabletop display, a shorter plant like a bonsai tree would be perfect. One way to spruce up the corners of your rooms is to hang a plant from the ceiling. If it is in a basement or an area without sunlight, there are many varieties of silk or artificial plants to choose from, and it is surprising how lifelike they can appear.

How To Decorate Your Home-Even with Small Children Around

Many families with small children still have a strong desire for a well decorated home. Kids, however, have a knack for interrupting such projects. When decorating in a home with small children, one of the best things you can do is give them the project of their own. These experiences are ones kids (and you) will remember-and you are giving your children an opportunity to take pride in their endeavors. There are thousands and thousands of ideas with home decor that work with small children. Another tip: decorative items such as tall trees and hanging baskets are difficult for small hands to get to or damage.

Decorating Room Ideas For the Budget Home Decorator

Much of decorating a room depends upon what room of your house you want to decorate. For instance, decorating a bathroom is a lot more limiting than decorating a living room. Each room has its own special needs depending on how you use it. Living rooms are usually more formal than family rooms, although many people only have a living room so it serves as both. In this case, the living room is a bit more informal.

Decorating room ideas abound on the Internet and in magazines. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

First, think of each room as a separate project. Even though you may be following a theme for your whole house, you won’t be able to decorate it all at the same time. Be honest with yourself. Are the plans for each room realistic? Have you taken into account the function of each room? Are you going to hire an interior decorator? All of these things must be addressed before you start the project. Now, on to the rooms:

Living Rooms:

The way you decorate the living room is dependent on whether it’s used only for when guests are visiting or if it is used daily by the family. Family use usually rules out white upholstery and carpeting because they do not hold up well to the abuse they would get. Fabric choices are also affected by the kind of usage it will receive. Choose fabrics and furnishings that are appropriate.

Dining Rooms:

Here again, the way you use the dining room will depend on how it is furnished and decorated. Dining rooms, like living rooms are usually thought of as “company” rooms, while the kitchen or dinette are more likely used only for families.


The master bedroom should, by definition, cater to the man and woman of the house. It should be designed to meet their needs. The room should be comfortable and serene, although I have seen some bright red bedrooms that have been striking. Personally, I wouldn’t get much rest in such a room. Privacy is also an important component if there are other family members around.

A guest room can be dedicated solely to guests or can be used as a combination guest room/office if space is at a premium. You may want to provide extra amenities for guests such as closet and drawer space, special towels and books or a small television for their use.

Childrens’ Bedrooms:

These rooms, by nature, should be casual. I have never seen a child comfortable among ruffles and formal furnishings in his or her room. Children usually “decorate” much of their space with their toys and “treasures.” Low-to-the-floor storage and bookcases should be used to corral some of their belongings.


Kitchens can be one of the most difficult rooms to decorate unless you are willing to demolish the cabinets and countertops that are there. You can greatly change the looks of the room by using paint and buying new appliances. If funds are available, go for new flooring and cabinets as well. Many hardware stores have floor planning software that can help you get the best use out of the space available.


A bathroom can be updated with paint, new linens and fabric. Add a tall cabinet if there is space for it to use for towels and other bathroom items. Bathrooms can get messy fast when there’s no place to store anything.

Look in magazines and on the Internet for decorating room ideas. Then, use your imagination and ingenuity to replicate the look with less expensive options. Interior decorating doesn’t have to be expensive to look elegant.

How to Choose a Wall Clock

When people go shopping to choose a clock for their home, most people immediately think about functionality, and another additional factor at the time of purchase, which is the price. However, that is mostly a wrong approach regarding wall clocks. Wall clocks are more a piece of decoration than a useful clock, especially antique ones.

If you start looking, you’ll see that there are thousands of wall clocks on the market, which has nothing to do with common plastic watches. Today, people want their home with a modern look since it represents their life-style and they choose according to their own style. This is the right way to go.

That is why there are so many reasons to seek wall clocks that match with your style and home decor. So, the question we should ask ourselves is what kind of decorative clocks can be found in the market?

The first thing to decide when buying a wall clock is the size you wish to have. The larger wall clocks have different sizes, but generally range from as little as 10 and up to 40 inches or more. This obviously requires having space on the walls.

A wall clock will be quite striking and will catch every guest’s attention, however remember that if the room is already overloaded, this is not a good option. If you have plenty of space, a clear and simple wall clock to match the rest of the decoration can be a unique piece.

Another type of clock that can be a bit more discreet is the wooden wall clock. This type of clock is ideal for any room that is decorated around natural materials. Within wooden clocks, there are several types of different kinds of woods, colors, shapes and textures. It all depends on your preferences and budget to go for one or the other. But, please, avoid buying imitation wood. A clock attracts plenty of attention, and you don’t want your visitors looking at a piece of plastic, do you? You are left to choose the one you like, and combine it with the rest of the decoration at home.

If you are more interested or your profile leans more toward the nautical theme, it is possible to go shopping for metal as a material of choice. For a more modern look, you may choose more shiny metals like glass or brass.